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"Fit and Fighting For Life"

Kick-Box-Move Fitness was founded by our lead instructor.  Here is a little something about him and the program.

Alvin "Lee"

Martial Artist & Founder

Affectionally called Alvin "Lee" by family and friends.  I've been involved in fitness and martial arts for over 20 years.  I love martial arts and have a black belt in karate.   I believe that everyone has a unique set of abilities and own style of doing things.  It's all about what you can do as an individual and not the other person.  When I looked at my fitness goal to stay in fighting shape, I developed this program that has been absolutely awesome for me.  I am very excited about the program and wanted to share it with you to accomplish your own fitness goals.  Join me and you too can be

"Fit & Fighting For Life"

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