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  • I am confused about getting started. What workouts should I use?
    To get started, simply Try For Free today and use our Beginner, Moving, and Teaching workouts. Once you are comfortable try our more focused Kicking, Boxing, and Advanced workouts. These can be found on our Workouts page. Please email us at if you have any additional questions. We would love to hear from you to understand how we can help you reach your fitness goal using our program.
  • I am not a fighter, boxer, or martial artist. Can I use your program?"
    Yes, you can use our program. Our workouts were designed to be both simple and effective. For example, check out our Moving Workouts that improve mobility and adaptablity. This can be found on our Workouts page. Try For Free today and follow along to get fit and fighting today.
  • Do I need to purchase new equipment for this program?
    No new equipment is needed. You just need a little space to move around and your own body weight. These workouts can be performed anywhere. Our instructor has worked out in his bedroom, garage, and hotel room when traveling. Try For Free today and follow along to get fit and fighting today.
  • How do I deal with and avoid injuries?
    Injuries may eventually happen if you have an active lifestyle. Stretching and properly hydrating can definitely help with minimizing injury. If you are injured, don't let that stop you from working out the areas that are not injured. For example, if I am experiencing some pain or injury to my right arm I just workout with my left arm only. My mindset, is that when I'm injured in one area of my body I use that as an opportunity to get better in other areas of my body. Also be sure not to overwork muscle groups and allow for aqequate rest, recovery, and growth.

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